*JOBS Act revisited (DEBATE)*

Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunding


Computer History Museum

Computer History Museum
1401 N Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA

"Game-Changer“ Crowdfunding Will Make 2016 the Year of the Gold Rush!

Speakers 2016

2016 Conference Agenda

Opening Comments
“State of the Industry”
• Past, present and future
• Unique happenings during 2015
• Players to watch

Panel Ideas
Growing move to Alternative Investments
• Shift in asset allocation
• Challenges with the public equity and fixed
income markets
• Impact of crowdfunding and Title III
• Availability to broader audiences

Small business formation and financing thereof
• Banking industry and new shadow banks
• Legislation and regulation overhang
• Low levels of new company formation
• Role of alternative marketplace finance platforms

and more....


Watch Keynotes of 2015 SVConference

SEC Approves
Title III of JOBS Act,
Equity Crowdfunding

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